My work primarily revolves around data-heavy, interactive software. In the past I've architected and implemented backend and frontend web applications, designed and developed 2D and 3D data visualisations, and worked on production deep learning systems.

Most recently, I helped create FieldDay, a no-code app for creating custom computer vision models. It's something we've been wanting to have for a long time at Playground. It unlocks computer vision to everyone with a data-centric way of creating models by collecting, testing and iterating from your phone. I worked on creating a cloud-based training pipeline that could support this kind of workflow.


Before that I was the founding engineer at Playground, a small software consultancy that we ran from 2019 to 2022. Our main client was a Ford-incubated AI-based vehicle security hardware startup. We helped them build tooling, infrastructure and train machine learning models to detect break-in events.


Throughout 2018 I freelanced in various technical roles. Some clients include Litho and IDEO.

My first job out of university was at a small generative design and data visualisation studio called Variable (2016-2018). We helped clients of all sizes explore, visualise and create interactive interpretations of their data. Frustrated by the mismatch of traditional coding tools and the nature of our creative and iteration-driven work, we built our own node-based creative coding tool. If you are interested in "future of coding" topics, you can read more about the philosophy behind it here.


I studied Creative Computing at Goldsmiths. I also have an MSc in Computer Graphics and Computer Vision from UCL. You can check out my thesis project here. Early in my career and education I was heavily inspired by folks like Bret Victor and Alan Kay.

These days, I am interested in:

If you're a startup or otherwise and want to contract me, shoot me an email or a DM. My skillset allows me to build prototypes quickly and iteratively explore ideas. And if you're just working on something cool related to these topics, I'm also always happy to chat!